How to Get Telenor Tax Certificate in 2024 – 5 Methods

Do you want to get Telenor Tax Certificate for 2021 or 2022? We’ve made it really easy for you here. In next few moments you will be able to to obtain Telenor Tax Deduction Certificate for free.

While getting Telenor Tax Certificate is not that difficult either but certainly Telenor is a little behind from other cellular companies in this field. For example if we’ve to download tax certificate of Jazz network, we can do it very easily using Jazz World app or even on Jazz WhatsApp No. Telenor’s My Telenor App is really famous, and our recommendation to Telenor would be to add an option here too to facilitate Telenor’s customers.

Ok, let’s go through currently available methods to avail Telenor Tax Statement.

Telenor Tax Certificate

Get Telenor Tax Certificate Online

Yes, you can take tax statement online. That’s a perfect choice as we don’t have to visit Telenor Service Center. There’re three options to get tax certificate online.

Through Telenor Facebook Page

That’s a simple solution as most of us have the facility to use Facebook today. Go on the official page of Telenor or click here and drop a message in Telenor’s inbox that you need an Annual Tax Certificate. You need to provide the following details with your request.

  • Picture of your ID Card (from both sides)
  • Your Telenor mobile No. (You can also request a tax statement for multiple Numbers. But the owner of all these numbers should be the same person.)
  • Your email address. Tax Statement would be sent to this email address.
  • And finally, mention the fiscal year for which you want to get tax certificate.

After providing the above-mentioned information, you’d receive your tax certificate in your mailbox.

Through Telenor’s Official Website

You can also get a statement about your withholding tax through the official website of Telenor. On the homepage, there’s an option for LIVE CHAT. Click on this option. You’d be prompted to enter your mobile No. and email address. After that, you have to request the representative to furnish tax certificate of your number.
You will have to provide the same information as discussed above in the first method on how to avail it Through Telenor Facebook Page. Tax Statement will be sent to your email address.

Telenor Withholding Tax Certificate Through Email

You can also send an email to Telenor at and request for a tax certificate. Provide the same info mentioned above. You will get it here in your email inbox.

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How to Get Telenor Tax Certificate Offline – By Visiting Service Center / Franchise

The traditional way to have tax certificate is to visit Telenor Service Center / Franchise and ask the staff to provide you tax statement. But certainly, this needs your time and resources if you’ve to visit it from a distant area.

Get Telenor Tax Statement Through Helpline

If you don’t want to use any of the methods stated above, just call at Telenor helpline. Ask the representative that you need tax certificate. After collecting necessary information e.g your name, email address, phone no, etc your certificate will be sent through email. Calls to Telenor helpline costs Rs. 2.69 for each call.
If your call to Telenor helpline at 345 doesn’t connect, you can also call on 042111345100.

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