Zong Tax Certificate 2024

Searching for the easy ways to get your Zong Tax Certificate? Well, the world is becoming digital. Zong eases customers’ life by avoiding visiting any franchise/service center to get you Zong withholding tax deduction statement. All Zong (prepaid or postpaid) users can download their tax statements free of cost and instantly with the following methods.

Zong is the leading 4G mobile network in Pakistan. The network is famous for providing more and more flexible packages to its customers. Its 4G network is also very vast so you can find Zong 4G services in most parts of the country.

Now, with Zong you can get your tax certificate online with these methods.

Zong Tax Certificate

Get Zong Tax Certificate Through My Zong App.

My Zong App is the best solution to get control of your Zong mobile No. You can check your balance, available or utilized resources, list of call, data, or SMS packages and activate them right from here and much more! Of course, you can download your tax certificate from here as well.

If you have not installed the My Zong app yet, download it by clicking here and create your account. Follow these steps to download your tax statement online.

  • Open My Zong app.
  • Look for the icon named TAX Certificate. It will be visible on the home screen.
  • Tap the icon of the tax certificate.
  • Enter dates for which you need the tax certificate.
  • Click on the Download tax certificate button.
  • Your tax statement will be available instantly in PDF format.

Zong Tax Certificate Through Zong E-Care?

I researched before writing this article about what are other possible ways to get your tax statement. There’re some blogs claiming that you can get this statement through Zong E-Care but when I checked it in detail, I found that actually, you can’t get a tax statement with this option. This was also confirmed by Zong helpline.

zong tax certificate through ecare

Yes, you can get the advantage of many services through Zong E-Care but the topic we’re discussing here is to get Zong tax certificate. So, this is the straightforward answer that you can’t download tax statement with Zong E-Care.

Apart from that, currently Zong doesn’t provide tax certificate through email or WhatsApp. If they included the email or WhatsApp option, we’ll surely cover those methods here for you.

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