Zong Data Share Bundle February 2024 | Share Internet With Your Friends & Family

Tired of activating packages again and again for you and your family and loved ones? We’ve got a solution for you and people around you with Zong Data Share Bundle!

Yes, now you can get Zong Data Share Bundle and share it with up to 10 members. So, with this offer only one person has to activate the package and 10 other people can also use data from his bundle.

zong data share bundle

Zong presents two 5GB and 10GB monthly offers for data share. Choose one that suits you best.

Zong Data Share Bundle Monthly 5 GB

Zong Data Share Bundle Monthly 5GB Details
Data Volume5GB
Data Volume Check Code*6464*5# ->4 ->1 (Group Owner)
*6464*5# ->4 ->2 (Group Member)
Validity30 Days

Zong Data Share Bundle Monthly 10GB

Zong Data Share Bundle Monthly 10GB Details
Data Volume10GB
Data Volume Check Code*6464*5# ->4 ->1 (Group Owner)
*6464*5# ->4 ->2 (Group Member)
Validity30 Days

How to subscribe Zong Data Share Bundle?

You need to follow these step to subscribe to this bundle.

  1. Dial *6464*5#
  2. Create your group
  3. Subscribe to a bundle
  4. Add members!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Zong Data Share Bundle

What will happen once the data share bundle has run out of volume?

Group owner & all the group members will be charged as per their base data package if they have one. If not, they will be charged at the standard out of bundle rate of Rs.1+Tax/MB within bundle validity period.

Can Data Share bundle co-exist with other data bundles?

Yes it will co-exist with all the data bundles.

What if a group member has his data bundle, in addition to the data share bundle? Which will consume first?

Data share bundle will be consumed first. Once if it’s fully consumed, group member’s own data bundle will be consumed next.

Will a customer have to create group every time he buys a new data share bundle?

No. Group will remain active once created, unless the group owner deletes it himself, or deletes certain members.

How will a group member know he/she can use the data share bundle?

He/she will be receive an intimation SMS when the group owner adds him/her in the group.

Can MBB & Internet SIM numbers be added in the Data Share group?

No, MBB & Internet SIM numbers are not eligible to be added in Data Share group.

How can group owner check his Data Share bundle usage?

Dial *6464*5# ->4 ->1

How can group member check his Data Share bundle usage?

Dial *6464*5# ->4 ->2

Can postpaid user subscribe this offers

A. No. This offer is only for prepaid customers.

Source: Zong

Terms & Conditions

Below mentioned Taxes/ Charges would be applicable:

  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if applicable).
  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 10% applies on every recharge.
  • FED of 16% applies on usage ( where applicable).

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